Hand painted China
Hand painted Glass
Clothing Line

With a 'flick' of her wrist and her own blend of colours, Kitten creates a multitude of art on china, clothing, glassware and jewelry.


Having studied and taught Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) for 17 years, a chance remark from a student asking me if I would be interested in learning the art of Sumie, started me on the road to my present business.


Sumie is the art of painting in black ink on rice paper and was developed from the brush strokes of calligraphy. Each stroke is meaningful and with this discipline you should be able to paint with one stroke a petal, or with two a leaf, and a stem or the trunk of a tree can be conveyed with three or four, leaving the rest up to the viewer.


Having taken two workshops in Bermuda which got me "hooked" I was lucky enough to find a Japanese teacher in Montreal who took me on for five years as a private student. She taught me everything I know and a lot that I have forgotten and I am eternally grateful - thank you Minaku. I learnt the technique of colour-loading your brush and working with your whole arm as opposed to just your fingers and wrist. Landscapes and minimalist looks at nature are really what I enjoy most. My knowledge of plants and flowers stems from an upbringing in England and latterly of having the joy of living  in New England where the immense range of colours in the changing seasons brings huge satisfaction.


Each time I paint on a new surface, a different challenge arises as to how my style will be affected and how successful a new paint is and whether it will satisfy my standards. Although I am almost totally commercial at this time I would welcome and enjoy the challenge of a special design or custom order not within my stocked items, so please contact me with your special ideas

Thank you, and enjoy Shopping!

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